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Did you know that many insurance companies will lower your premiums if you have an alarm system - sometimes up to 20%?

Frightened Woman You've probably seen those frightening images on TV:

A mother & daughter or young lady, alone in their quiet home at night, when all of a sudden, the door is kicked in by a would-be-burglar.

The images are frightening - and with good reason - they're meant to be.

The large national alarm companies want you to know your family is at risk--to the point you'd pay just about anything to keep them safe.

Well, if you sign up with one of these large national companies, chances are, you will pay just about any price

Everything sounds good at first... Just an easy $99 bucks for installation and your family is all set, right?
Well, here's what these national companies don't mention.
  • Their $99 installation fee is for their "basic system". If you need anything more than it can be a lot more.
  • That fee is truly just for installation of their system - you won't own anything.
  • If you ever decide to cancel your service with them, they come and take it back.
  • And speaking of cancelling - Good Luck.

  • That $99 offer? Only available if you sign a long-term monitoring contract - in many cases this can run you 30-40 dollars a month.
  • And if for some reason you ever want out of the deal - Well, any of you folks who have ever tried to cancel a cell phone contract know how tough that can be

Fortunately there is an alternative.

arrow Round Hill Fence & Security is a local Vermont company. We've been around for over 20 years.
arrow When we install a system, you own it. Our entry-level system is very comprehensive and very affordable.
arrow We offer 24/7 monitoring through a U.L. accredited monitoring station, for $15.00 a month. There are no long-term contracts, and the equipment is yours.
arrow We take your safety seriously - we just don't think it should cost an arm and a leg.

We make it simple. Just tell us what you'd like to protect;
we'll help you select a cost-effective system.

We are authorized dealers for:

DMP, Digital Monitoring Products
Digital Monitoring Products
DSC, Digital Security Controls
Digital Security Controls

Cost comparison for leased versus purchased alarm systems
Estimates based on wireless system.

Company National "A" Round Hill Security National "P"
Location Nationwide Irasburg, VT Texas
Monthly monitoring$42.95$15.00$29.95
Minimum Contract term 36 months None required 36 months
Installation Nope, Do it yourself Included Nope, Do it yourself
Number of doorsTwoTwoThree
Number of motion detectors OneOneOne
Additional door transmitter $99$50$39.50
Additional motion detector $150$99$99
Cumulative cost over three years $2045$1140$1373

wireless controll panel

One of our Wireless alarm panels -- featuring built-in 2-way voice!

  • Connects you 24 hours a day to a live person at our central station.
  • Reduces false alarms.
  • Compatible with a wide array of wireless devices. (See Below)

Here are just some of the devices
We can integrate into your system:

Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors Wireless pet-sensitive motion detectors Wireless Key-Fob
Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Wireless, Pet-Sensitive Motion Detectors. Wireless Key-Fob - allows you to arm and disarm your system.
Wireless Medical Alert Wireless Glass Break Detector Wireless Window and Door Sensors
Wireless Medical Alert Device. Wireless Glass Break Detector. Wafer-thin Wireless Window and Door Sensors.
Surveillance Cameras Temperature Sensors
Surveillance Cameras. Temperature Sensors - alerts when temps drop too low.

Other optional features:

  • When an alarm is triggered, have alerts sent to your E-mail, pager, cell phone or wireless PDA.
  • Alarm System /Video System Integration , An "Alarm Alert" activates your security cameras automatically.
  • Alarm and Disarm your system over the phone, or over the internet.

Have a custom requirement? Round Hill Security can fill it.

Toll Free: 800-427-6320
Burlington Area: 802-863-0567
Main Office: 802-754-6328
Fax: 802-754-6327

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